About Us

Nyame Adom Farming is an agribusiness community empowerment company 100% women owned since 2018 an emerging company.Started with founder Ms. Khanyisile R. Dumakude and Mrs. Hlengiwe R Dlamini were doing crop farming working in the small town KZN,


Since discovering Moringa in 2018 we have promoted this highly functional food with its remarkable nutritional profile. Our mission revolves around three unifying aims:

Social Mission:

To promote the benefit of Moringa Oliefera and its allied products to individuals and communities for the betterment of health around the world.

Product Mission:

To procure, distribute and sell the finest Moringa products toward an aim of maintaining or achieving good health

Economic Mission: 

To operate the Company on a sustainable financial basis, increasing value for our stakeholders and to provide opportunities for growth and development of our employees

Our Vision

MORINGA for Health; Wellness & Sustainability

Help our country adapt to climate change and reduce our carbon footprint by promoting tree cultivation which will also reduce rural poverty by generating income to our local farmers and farming communities.

Nyame Adom Farming is affiliated with Moringa Development Association of South Africa: MDASA0157


P.O BOX 30617
Richards Bay


072 346 9360
083 474 5911

Fax: 086 411 5375

  • khanyidumakude@nyameadomfarming.com
  • hlengiwedlamini@nyameadomfarming.com
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